Inspector – Safety Inspection Software

Inspector is a mobile and web based safety software solution to manage safety inspections, track and manage corrective actions and improve compliance. Using Inspector – Safety Software inspection features you can manage any type of inspection, safety inspections, facilities inspections, equipment inspections. All results are stored securely in the cloud, the web App provides powerful reporting and dashboards to monitor inspection performance and corrective actions. Using the Inspector Mobile Safety Inspection App means you can perform inspections in the field, inspections can be performed with or without a connection to the internet. Using barcodes and RFID with the Inspector Mobile Safety Inspection App allows for automated identification and tracking of the items and ensures that inspections are performed on the correct item.
Inspections can be managed across multiple sites, a management feature allows for managers to schedule and plan inspections, allocating inspections to the approrpiat6e person, once allocated the inspections automatically appear on the inspectors To Do List on the Inspector Mobile App.
Safety Inspections can be performed using a number of different methods, by route, by location, by item, from a To Do List or limited by the inspection due date.
Benefits achieved when using Inspector – Safety Software:
Compliance – Ensure inspections are carried out on time, manage corrective actions, eliminate missed inspections.
Eliminate Paperwork – Conduct safety inspections faster and more accurately, using any Tablets or Smart Phones.
Reduce Risk – Powerful reporting and dashboards help you to manage all your inspection processes. Full trace ability of all inspections activities, a web based solution that can be accessed from any PC, with all data stored securely in the Cloud.
Increase Efficiency – Use the inspection scheduling features to improve the efficiency with which inspections are allocated, powerful routing allows audits and inspections to be carried out.