IMEC Technologies brings compliance solutions to its customers using its experience and knowledge of mobility, software development, wireless technology, networking and AIDC Technology (barcode and RFID) together with its proven ability to operate in highly regulated environments within global 1000, mid-market companies and government organisations.

Solutions Include:

  • HazMat T&T®: Waste Management Software that tracks and manages hazardous, clinical or medical waste from the point of creation to the point of disposal, providing the customer with a system to improve efficiency, reduce costs, aid compliance and improve reporting.
  • Inspector: An inspection solution that will schedule, manage, track and report on any type of inspection, for example Safety Inspections, Facility Inspections. The product also has features to record Safety Observations and manage Corrective Actions. There are two elements to the product, a Web App which is used for management purposes, reporting, dashboards and setup and an Inspection App that is used to perform inspections, record observations and manage a To Do List. The Inspection App works on any Smart Phone or Tablet.


Technical support is based in Dublin Ireland and Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. A single support number links both locations.

Professional Services:

We provide all the required services to implement our products successfully, including Training, Project Management and Implementation Support.


First established as  a reseller of barcoding equipment and services, we developed track and trace software systems for applications such as material tracking, asset tracking etc. We went on to develop a range of Automated Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) solutions, including our waste tracking system HazMat T&T, building on our expertise in wireless technology and networking. As IMEC Technologies expanded we established opened a new office in 2007 in the US, reflecting our focus on the rapidly growing North American customer base.

Today, IMEC Technologies continues to develop highly innovative compliance solutions for our customers in sectors as diverse as utilities, oil and gas, facilities management, aviation and manufacturing. Our clients continues to expand and now includes some of the world’s leading corporations, including G4S, Tesoro, Scottish Gas, Veolia and American Airlines. Our focus on providing value to our customers together with excellent service and technological leadership drives our development and ongoing growth.