Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions can be created and assigned automatically as a result of a Step failure on a Checklist, or can be created from a Safety Observation.
Corrective Actions are automatically assigned an Expected Resolution Date based on the type of Corrective Action.
Rules can be implemented that will automatically assign a Corrective Action based on a number of criteria including the location of the item being inspected or the owner of the item.

Corrective Action Types

Corrective Actions are automatically assigned based on the Corrective Action Types associated with the Step that failed on the Checklist. The Corrective Action Type determines who the Corrective Actions should be assigned to, the default resolution time, and who the Corrective Action should get escalated to if not resolved within X number of days of the expected date.
The Corrective Action Type can also be configured to assign the Corrective Action based on the Location of the inspection that generated it.


Escalation paths allow corrective actions created during a safety audit or inspection to be re-assigned if they have not been resolved within the deadline. An escalation path can be associated with a corrective action category. Upon escalation the user is notified by email and the corrective action is re-assigned.

Customers with multiple sites can setup a single checklist that can be used across multiple sites. Inspector - mobile inspection software will allocate the corrective actions to the appropriate person at each site. There are custom rules for Corrective Action Types which allow Assignment & Escalation to be set based on a number of criteria including site, location and item owner.

Resolving Corrective Actions

Corrective Actions that are allocated to a user automatically appear on the users To Do List on the Mobile App. To resolve the corrective action on the Inspector Mobile Inspection App, the user simply records the actions taken, photographs can also be attached to show proof of the resolution, together with comments. The date, time and user who resolved the corrective action is recorded and together with all other resolved corrective action data is available for reporting through the Inspector Web App.


Corrective Actions are available for reporting through the Web App, with powerful filters available to show open corrective actions by user, location, category, reference etc. Once corrective actions are resolved they can be reported on using the resolved corrective actions feature. Filters exist to show resolved corrective actions by date, user, location, category, reference etc. Corrective actions resolution rates are also available through the dashboards.


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