Mobile Safety Inspection Software

Online and Offline

The Inspector mobile safety inspection software App can operate with or without connection to the internet. This means that you can perform your safety inspections in areas of a building where there is no internet connection or in the field or remote areas. All data is stored securely on the device and the user simply selects the Sync button on the device and the safety inspection results, images, audio clips, signatures etc. are uploaded to the Cloud once an internet connection becomes available.

Smart Phones and Tablets – iOS, Android, Windows

The Inspector mobile safety inspection software App can be used with any Smart Phone or Tablet. Inspector supports iOS, Android and Windows devices and can be used with specialist rugged devices and devices designed for use in explosive areas, areas that require iSafe, intrinsically safe devices.


Photographs can be taken at any step during a safety inspection and are automatically linked to the step within the checklist. Any number of photographs can be collected during a safety inspection. Photographs can also be captured during an observation or when making a recommendation. When losing out a corrective actions  from the users To Do List the user can also capture photographs as proof that the corrective action has been closed out. Safety inspectors can annotate each photograph if they wish to show the area of concern or highlight an issue.


Audio clips can be captured at any point during a safety inspection, clips can be captured at each step if required and an overall audio clip can be captured at the end of the safety inspection. Audio clips are uploaded together with all other inspection results and are stored securely in the cloud.

Capture GPS Location

GPS Locations can be captured in a number of ways using Inspector. A safety checklist can be designed so that a step within the checklist is to capture the GPS location, the user simply completes the step as part of the safety inspection, which can be mandatory and the Inspector mobile safety inspection App will record the GPS Location. Another method of capturing the GPS Location is to set the safety checklist to automatically record the GPS location once the checklist is started on the mobile device.This method does not require the safety inspector to perform any action.

Signature Capture

To capture a signature or signatures as part of a safety inspection or facilities inspection, the user when designing the checklist, simply specifies that a step is a signature capture step. Any signatures captured are uploaded with the all other inspection data and are stored securely in the cloud. Signatures captured during a safety inspection are printed on the inspection report.

Step Responses

Inspector provides a standard set of step responses, such as Yes/No, OK, Not OK, Not Applicable, Pass/Fail etc. The user can also create their own step responses. User defined step responses provide the user with the ability to use industry specific or business specific responses to questions on a safety checklist. A typical implementation of a user defined step response are ratings, for example, Rating 1 to 5. For each response the user can determine, pass / fail, a score if applicable, and optionally force a comment, and / or force a photograph.


When performing a safety inspection the user can view an image of the item to be inspected, additionally when performing an inspection the user can be presented with an image at a safety checklist step. This feature is used to give the inspector a visual aid or guide when performing the inspection. Typical uses would be when performing lock out / tag out or asking a safety inspector to verify that a machine control panel was set to off prior to a safety inspection.


Inspections can be performed by specifying a route, only items on the route will be presented for inspection and the user can also limit the items to be inspected based on the inspection due date. The user can also limit the items to be inspected based on date range. The users To Do List can also be managed by route. Any number of routes can be created and applied to the To Do List. This allows the manager to decide what items, in what locations are to be inspected and to have any number of these combinations which gives flexibility in how mobile inspections are conducted.

To Do List

The To Do List option on the Inspector Mobile Inspection App provides the user with a list of the safety inspections to be performed and any corrective actions that have been allocated to the user to be resolved. The To Do List can be filtered by route, date so that the user can manage the work by location and by inspection due date. Routes can be used to limit the areas or types of items that are available on the To Do List.

Barcodes / RFID

As part a safety audit or inspection the user can scan a bar code / QR Code to identify the item that they are inspecting and can also capture bar code data as part of a safety checklist. RFID tags can be read to identify the item being inspected. Scanning a bar code/QR code or reading an RFID tag gives proof that the item was inspected and eliminates the need for users to enter item identification numbers or codes.