Inspections can be scheduled to occur based on a wide range of frequencies, including daily, weekly, monthly, annually. The user can also specify any number of days, weeks, months or years as the frequency for an inspection. So a safety inspection could be set to occur every 3 days or 2 weeks or 6 months. On completing an inspection, Inspector automatically schedules the next inspection for the appropriate due date.


When designing a checklist the user can specify a score to be given to each of the possible responses to a question. During a safety inspection the scores are accumulated for each section within the checklist and an overall score is given for the checklist. Scores are recorded on the inspection history and reports. Scores are completed user definable and can vary for each question on a checklist.

Corrective Actions

A safety checklist step can be defined so as to create a corrective action if the step fails. The corrective is allocated based on a set of rules, with a resolution deadline and escalation path, additional users can also be notified of corrective actions based on the corrective action category. Any number of corrective action categories can be created so that corrective actions can be allocated to the user responsible for an area, function or department.

Canned Comments

Comments can be entered during a safety inspection for each safety checklist step. Comments can be typed or can be entered using the voice to text feature. When designing a safety checklist the user can specify that the inspector must select a comment from a predefined list of comments for the step. This gives the added benefit of having standard comments for reporting purposes within the inspection history.

Force Photo, Comment

A safety checklist step can be defined so that the user is forced to take a photograph and or forced to enter a comment based on a particular response to the question. Checklist steps can also be defined as mandatory and must be answered in order to upload the safety inspection results to the cloud.

Images within a Checklist

An image can be associated with an item and displayed on the mobile device so that the user can verify the item to be inspected. Additionally when designing a safety checklist an image can be set for a checklist step, these images are stored in an image library, any number of images can be store in the library.

Step Responses

A standard set of Step Responses are available within Inspector safety software, for example Yes/No, Pass/Fail, OK/Not OK. The user can also create their own step responses to be used in a safety checklist, this allows business specific or unique step responses to be created and applied to a safety inspection checklist step. Responses can be in the form of a drop down list, buttons, date selector, numeric input or a bar code.