Safety Observations, Recommendations

Observations, Mobile

Safety observations can be recorded during a safety inspection and can be associated with a safety checklist step. Inspector safety software also allows a safety observation to be recorded completely independently or a safety checklist.  Optionally corrective actions can be created as part of creating a safety observation.


Inspector safety software provides users with the ability to create safety recommendations as a method of informing others of a possible safety improvement or safety enhancement that is relevant to the group. The user simply creates the safety recommendation on the mobile device, giving it a reference and selects the users who are to receive the recommendation. Once the safety recommendation is received the recipient can reflect their opinion within Inspector. Safety recommendations allow safety managers to share best practice safety processes with colleagues.

Recommendation Groups

Safety recommendation groups are a list of users that are open to safety recommendations, that is recommendation recipients, for example safety managers, safety coordinators  in the East Coast area. Safety recommendation groups can be made up of one or many user groups.

Progress Reporting

Once safety recommendations are uploaded from the mobile device each recipient receives an email with the safety recommendation and can view the recommendation details. Recipients can mark the recommendation as under consideration, implemented or rejected and give a comment to reflect their opinion. Safety recommendations are included in the safety inspection report as an appendix.

Observations Reporting

Safety observations are reported as an appendix to the safety inspection report. Safety observations are also available for inquiry and analysis using the Web App, where safety managers can view safety observations filtered by user, area, date, etc.