Inspection Planning, Scheduling


Inspector safety software provides the user with a powerful tool to assist in the management of safety inspections, including the scheduling of inspections, allocating inspections to specific users or groups etc. Safety inspections can be viewed by due date, date range and item definition, with mass allocation of inspections to users and groups. Inspections allocated to a user or group automatically appear on the users To Do List on the mobile device.


The user can specify the locations that exist on a route and the sequence of these locations, and optionally specify the Item Definitions that are associated with the route, for example Emergency Showers and Fire Extinguishers. Inspector safety software allows any number of routes can be defined. An inspection sequence can also be enforced so that a user must inspect items in a specified sequence on the mobile device.


Locations represent the logical layout of areas in which items to be inspected are located, for example building, floor, room or country, state, city. Inspector safety software provides totally user definable locations setup and also allows for different setups for each site and or item types.


Inspection frequencies can be defined in terms of days, weeks, months and years. Once an inspection is performed Inspector safety software will automatically schedule the next inspection based the specified frequency for the checklist. Inspections can also be set to have no frequency.